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Well I asked him to help again and he is doing so. Youa re right, he was not very helpful before. Funny you should ask about registering with a new screen name.....Looks like i had an older account from years ago i forgot all about, so when I signed up recently it may have caused a problem because I have 2 accounts. hopefully I can clsoe one and that will solve the problem.

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Sheesh, that is odd - I wonder if someone spoofed your IP or email and wreaked havoc in their forums, I have had an account there for over a year now but really have only watched the videos and haven't posted. Will it allow you to register a new screen name, or are you blocked immediately just by entering the site? Sometimes message forums will automatically block traffic from "blacklisted" IP's, and this software can often be faulty which can result in what you are experiencing. The fact that the admin was a real jerk in his response obviously isn't helping. Sounds like that admin doesn't give a #@%! about his own message forum...

I guess my first post will be directed within the complaints area of their forum, letting them know that their forum software is blocking legit users...
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