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no.. I'm goanna take the electronics out of the Crashed F22 and install them on the Skysurfer.. a 4s skysurfer .. can you imagine that/?

The F22 took a terrible nose dive. and it was all my fault. you can read the story on the F-22 upgrades thread.. A few minutes ago I started an attempt to repair the NON-repairable F-22 using polyurethan foam. I loved that F-22.

Myittention is to get a new TV F-35. a new F-22 raptor and install the parts that Ive ordered. 3000Mah 30C battery 80 amp ESC 3300KV motor and an ARF sky surfer to install the 4s setup of the F-22(maybe with a different motor) I already have a brand new 3S 2200Mah battery here if the 4s setup won't do the extra electronics will help me to minimize cost on nextorders. I wa advised to get the F4 which looks great and has the same setup but I reall y really want an F 22.. I did 7minutes flights on non-windy days with that. Just get it in the air throttle full back and fly it like a trainer. I just moved the CG and made it too nose heavy and overestimated its ability to lift at low speed... that's why I took that nose dive...

I'm making too many thoughts right now so... We'll see what happens out of my already damaged brain
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