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Originally Posted by mkmkmk13 View Post
when should we expect the windows version?
after doing the capture for the other guy there wasn't much of my evening left (that's why im not going further with such replies :P) so anyway, i spent an hour (its 4h26 am :P) making the windows program work.
and it works, but it's not as smooth and nice as the linux program, so i'm not going to release it just yet. But i can fly my msr via Windows :P its just.. difficult compared to flying it from linux.. not as perfect.

For any programmer:
currently using xaudio2 with a datastream where the ppm is fed. i need a way to lock the audio output on one port as "exclusive access" (so other sounds don't interfer), and i'm also not sure xaudio2 doesn't actually resample the signal.
Going to try waveout and directsound tomorrow, worse case i'll use the asio drivers which are supposed to give alsa-like quality/latency.

on these long posts, good night guys!
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