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10x8 and Boomer1

Guys, I do apologise if I come off sounding like some sort of ratbag . Preaching about the evils of economy boats. Like I first wrote, my first 2 boats were both Chinese kit boats. I had the bad luck of buying boats which were utter . I have posted before listing the flaws in these boats. But that's an easy search to do.

10x8 -- I would be more than happy to sail with you. Send me a PM. Boomer1 wrote that this whole hobby is about having fun, learning new skills, photography and video (which is me), meeting new people and maybe eventually racing other RC boats. If you go to the IOM Discussion thread you will see posts of experienced RC IOM racers "slagging" each other. I have now made friends with people throughout the world. Most of them I do not offend . At the moment I'm helping several with their first scratch builds. Not bragging just saying I enjoy the contact and sharing.

My comments seem rude but that is not how I meant them to read. When typed it may seem that way. Being expedient. I was seriously just trying to help with getting a new boat owner off on the right foot. If not for the help of others here and at lakeside I would still be on wrung one of the ladder re knowledge of RC sailboats. I mentioned my experience merely as a way of showing I do have some credentials in this area. But this is all due from help and advice from others. I in fact wish they had been more honest as I know some of my first boats, which I scratch built, were rubbish. This I only know in retrospect as I have learnt and seen more.

Example -- I am new to IOM racing. Only started last year. Went down to the lake which is an hours drive from home. Met a guy with his IOM who has been racing for over 10 years. In 5 minutes he tuned my boat and we spent the next hour racing each other. I had spent 4 months asking advice on how to tune an IOM on this forum. Best advice is hands on. As an aside. His boat was a 'brand" name costing $AU3,500. My boat is homemade costing under $AU400. He beat me racing but only just. I had no topping lift. (Yes, I too had to Google everything 'cause I had no idea what they were talking about either (You'll need to learn weather helm and lee helm and how to adjust mast rake. Again not showing off. These are basic first day sailing.)

In conclusion - I do apologise if I seem abrupt in giving advice. In person I am more diplomatic. I tend to forget how excited I was when I bought my first RC yacht. Looked great!! But then I remember how it fell to bits after 10 minutes sailing. The plastic clevis on the rudder servo snapped. Then everything else went wrong the next few times I tried to sail. But hopefully this will not happen to you.

Once again --- please contact me if you live close enough we can sail together or I meet you half way. I live in Sydney South West. Meet at Putney Club for sailing Saturday arvo?

If you like RC boats here is a video I shot of one of my boats...... enjoy. RC boats are a thing of beauty. And meant to be relaxing..................


AU Class RC Yacht Test Sailing (8 min 55 sec)
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