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Originally Posted by rob737 View Post

fellows, i think my crash on the first take off was my fault. i re-examined my cg issue, suspecting something was wrong because nobody else has had to add any weight (and i added a bucketfull). it looks like i used the drawing in the manual wrather then measuring to determine the proper c.g. envelope. now that i have measured it properly my plane too does not need any additional weight (it has all been removed). it balances just fine with the pack alone. some mistake!

also...i used my standard "warbird" technique on the first takeoff, meaning holding a lot of up elevator to keep the plane from nosing over. as pointed out by another poster, this plane does not need that. it seems like the best technique is to just let it fly off the ground on its own for the most part. lessions learned!

my plane looks as good as new, i just finished touching up the scuffs and the epoxy seam on the wingtip. got very luck this time! i think i am going to order some more of those gws least from all of this i found a good replacement prop for this plane.

Rob I've made the same mistake too so no worries. The plane literally will take off from the ground by itself and its really a beautiful take off. Maybe even with a hint of up on the elevator will get it up a little faster if needed but not a lot.
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