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x64 Vista and Windows 7 Users

I thought I'd share this for anyone else crippled by the new x64 versions of Windows, and it's overenforcement of driver signatures. To start with, the only way to get around the driver signature enforcement on these systems is in the F8 menu at Windows startup, there is a disable driver signature enforcement option. The problem is that you have to start Windows that way every time, if you want the hardware with the unsigned driver to work, even after it's installed with enforcement disabled. I found a solution to this irritation, called "Ready Driver Plus", it ammounts to be a macro that will be added to your start menu (giving you one, if you only have one os installed) options as the default, and it runs through the F8 menu routine automaticly, unless you deliberately select the normal startup. It's very convenient.
This is how you get this working on x64 Vista and Windows 7.
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