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I managed to steal one hour from home duties (I was sent to the supermarket by Mrs Wife/Boss), so, I took the KP09 with me and ran it at my local empty parking lot.
Not having time to go to the local track, which is an hour's drive, I resorted to the local parking lot.
Changes? O yes, I mounted a Trinity Core 27t stock motor, which seems A LOT faster and gutsier than the Yokomo Pro Stock II 27T I had previously on the bike. I played with the D/R settings, and found that I at last can turn the bike on a dime, literally, having turned down the D/R at as low as 35-40%. I also experimented a bit with steering EXP, but I only managed to make the steering response veeeeeeeeery slow, so I turned it back to zero.
I also changed the FormbyModels steering linkage long springs to shorter ones from a set of Ofna's brake link, and this made the steering feel a bit better.

Other notes? Oh... the rear tire gets warm and it seems a little CA is in order... It started wobbling at top speed runs. Same for the front!

Last week I took the bike to the track and managed to run three 10-minute sessions. I also tested my new 2.4Ghz Corona module/receiver on my old (1988-89) Futaba T3UCP (aka FF3) stick radio. It has excellent range, at least I can see the bike on the other side of the track and has no glitch whatsoever. On the track I removed the steering damper (a vintage Kyosho Lazer ZXR front shock with 2-hole piston and 30wt oil), since there was no noticeable headshake.

I had installed a cheapo Hobbyking low profile servo that quit working after just one battery! So, I'm happily back to the normal-sized S3003.

I'm slowly getting ready for the '10 Worlds: I made a very good deal with my local Nosram importers, Fanatix, and I am getting a Nosram 13.5T (the one in the rules) plus a Matrix Evolution Spec Racing ESC, both at very very very good prices! I may also get other help from the guys there, like lipo sacks and various tools etc. I am already a good customer, running an HPI Baja at the local races, a Sprint GTI and a Sprint2 at our local RCGT races, both electrics shod with Nosram electronics.

Life is good, in the end, despite all the bad things happening in the Greek economy (and please let's not discuss THIS here!).

Next I have to find a pair of PMT tires, since this is what everyone prefers, it seems, plus I am running 4-year old GRP's right now. The soft rear one started showing its age.
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