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I would like to propose a challenge to all interested, using a Grim Reaper and a Scythe: Make a plane drop device on the GR to fit the Scythe. Using ONE controller (DX6i, or other multi-aircraft memory controller) Fly the GR up to ~500'AGL and release the Scythe. As fast as possible, land the GR, switch models on the controller over to the Scythe, perform several aerobatics (double loop, triple cork screw/roll to the left and right, & a figure 8) and land within 10' of a designated spot or within 10' of where the GR landed. The fastest time wins. The time starts at the release of the Scythe and ends when the Scythe touches down and stops. If it is out side of 10', there is a time penalty (to be determined after several test runs) for each additional foot or inch from the landing spot. The Scythe has the option to have a motor allowing the flyer to practice this maneuver with the same plane to be used in the competition, however, for the "contest" the motor cannot be used. We may incorporate the ~500'AGL by requiring the GR to have an altimeter (eagle tree or the like) recording device, as well as having a minimum and maximum weight requirement for the GR and Scythe. Your thoughts on this concept and the rules of the game?

Though I have not tested this in flight, I have tested to see if it is possible, using the DX6i, to switch from one model that is powered on to another model that is also powered on. Once the other model was loaded, it took about 3-5 seconds for the receiver and controller to connect. I don't know how this might be affected in flight or at a distance, but I think this is a possible challenge and will be a very competitive game.

Anybody have any input on this? If this is possible to do, would there be anyone interested in having a competition for this at the UnCivil Wars this year?
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