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Originally Posted by Z-8 View Post
It's only rated at 320W steady, 370W max. It pulled way more with no complaints. I measured it at a 16:1 motor thrust to weight (way overpropped pulling 475W @ 38 ounces of thrust).

Underpropped, with a 10x6 and a 2200 mAh 35C, you can use the stock ESC @ 28.5A and 290W max and still put 36 oz of thrust in front of a lighter, better balanced T-28. Static T:W is around 1.2 to 1. Flight time is 10-11 mins doing half full up aerobatics and half T&Gs.

Speedwise, that little .10 tore my T-28's left elevator off in level flight. You need to tape all the hinges and beef up the elevator where it passes through the rudder.

So I wouldn't says its overated, not at $24 total upgrade cost.
Seems to me its a 200 watt motor. Dr Kiwi ran some extensive tests on it and anything over about 200 watts started to cook the motor. I'll get that link to the test results for you. At any rate, it paled by comparison to the stock motor in the Corsair and Trojan.

Are you a vendor of the Tiger motor?
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