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I just bought this plane brand new from my LHS but I looked at the esc and read the box and it is the 25 amp E-flite! Probably had it in his shop for a while. But it is the old esc. O'well I'm just going to get a new esc and im back in business. Ive heard nothing but good things about the "Plush" but I will take a look at the others y'all recommended since the Plush is on back order. Never even heard of the .10 motor but I just checked it out on your thread. Gonna go read up on it. Thanks for the info.
I hadn't heard of of the Super Tigre either until I read about it in a non-T-28 thread and it sounded just right. Here are my first impressions with the right prop and a fast battery. I bought mine from Tower. It's only a $25 upgrade, but not considering cost, I think it is probably the best engine so far for the 28.

The Turnigy specs out with more power, but is heavy. The PZ 480 is already too heavy upfront, which makes the plane less agile and fast in the glide so the elevator can create enough down-force to raise the nose end of the seesaw.

After the ST .10, I taped up my flaps and pulled out the extra servos. It glides and lands nice and slow. Another 2-3 oz of weight gone.

With the 1800 battery, a 10x6 and 60% throttle, you have the same power plus longer flying time than stock. That's another 2 oz saved by hauling around less gas.

Like any airplane, any weight savings leads to more weight savings; the rich get richer. So even before applying full throttle, you've decreased thrust required by about 6 oz, or 20%.
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