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Ummm...How did I get here?

Well, here it is: My first blog post. Just a short blurb about me.

I have been flying RC off and on (mostly off) since about 1987. I built a Gentle Lady with which I taught myself to fly (pretty incompetently for the most part). I still have her, but suffice it to say, she is probably more CA than balsa by now! It was fun, but I seemed to lose interest for many years after the initial "flush" had worn off. That is, until we had a new neighbor move in down the street a few years back. He had some gliders in his garage, and one day he noticed the dusty old Gentle Lady lofted in my garage rafters. Well, we got to talking, and decided that we should both get our relics airworthy, and chuck 'em off a hill. We had a great time, laughing at each other's antics and generally poor flying, so we started to go flying pretty regularly. That led to some new purchases, including electric-powered planes too, for days when the wind wasn't favorable. My friend and I joined the Silent Electric Silent Fliers San Diego (SEFSD) and I rejoined the Torrey Pines Gulls after several years of hiatus.

Flying the electrics is fun indeed, but I keep finding myself drawn to the sailplanes more. So much so, that lately I have been letting the electrics gather dust, and basically flying sailplanes exclusively. Although, I guess the powered Easy Glider Pro could count on either front.

The last few months I have been looking into and acquiring far more complex planes than I ever flew previously. I had had a couple of 60" mouldies but really hadn't flown big full-house mouldie sailplanes much.

I have been fortunate to meet some really experienced pilots (one in particular) who were willing to take me under wing and take the time to help me advance my skills enough to actually fly the beautiful machines I have been collecting! For that help, I am truly grateful.

I will probably always be a slope rat, but now I have equipment to try several of the disciplined types of competitive flying. It all seems pretty foreign to me, coming from the slope but I am going to try lots of it: F3F, TD, and F3K this year. I have acquired some really nice used planes (far better than my skills will ever be) and a couple of nice kits to build, to test the waters.

I can say, that in the past I have always been somewhat "put-off" by the more formal parts of the hobby and those who are the "know it all, rules-maker types" sometimes found at the club fields but, so far, I haven't seen that behaviour evident. Everybody has been really friendly and helpful.

Will I end up back at the secret slope spots I so enjoy? Or will I get into the more formal competitive flying? Who knows? But I have met some really great guys along the way, learning tons, and I'm having fun so far!

That's all for now.

Booooor-innnnnggggg right? Stream-of-conciousness drivel. Oh well, sosume!

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