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One week of testing

I have driven 32 LIPOS (thast about 8 hours of driving) on my 1/5th Scale Proto over the last week. Yesterday I managed to average 28,1secs over 8 minutes. Thats still a second off last years times. My very best was a averaged 26,96secs in Sept.2009. The track is still cold at 15C and the LIPOs are slowly braking down. I am the slowest on the straight but make up time through the infield.
Once I give myself a kick in the ass and buy myself fresh batterys I should be at least a second faster. The tires are crap too I am using a old set of PMT 200s I have had since the second prototype in August.
I am quite satisfied. I think I have found the sweet spot of 1/5th scale bikes. One really big thing was the weight (I am NOT saying how far below 1600g it is) and the chassis torsional stiffnes.
Service: The bike has no flaws at all. Hardly any problems with relaibility. Once again the only service I had to do is change the motorbearings.

Handling: Its really easy to drive and I think its just me who hasnt got the balls to keep up to the pace the bike could go. I have been playing around with the brakes a lot and I am trying to increase my skills under braking. It is really gentle under braking. Whatever speed I am going at either the rear (high speed) or the front (through hairpins) signalizes that its now enough. If I go any further it gently starts sliding over the appropriate tyre. If I then go over the limit it touches ground on the crashbars, then all I have to do is let go of the brakes and it happily carries on trough the turn.
Under acceleration the concept with the motor on the swingarm seems to be the right way to go too. It very slowly (for a bike) starts lifting the front end enough time to tame your happy triggerfinger. I was afraid that the low weight would be contraproductive and cause the bike to wheely easier but it was exactly the right way to go.

With the low weight and the possibility to set up the bike accordingly I am having no problems using the lightest wheels I could lay my hands on. This lets the bike accelerate fast and I dont need a lot of brakes to bring it to a halt.

The only big problem I am working on is the steering springs. Due to the really broad range of speed the bike offers I have a soft steering under high speeds and a "flippy" bike in the infield. I have to find something here that works over the whole speedrange.

This might sound a bit bigheaded but I think the bike is one generation ahead of the "toy" tires that are available to 1/5th Scale racing. WE NEED SOMEONE TO MAKE REAL RACING TYRES!!

But I definatly need to learn to drive better. Sometimes I am still quite surprised what the bike can handle after I (thought I) went over the limit.

One of the guys on the track bought a Generation III Prototype (I had pics of that up for a while) from me and it only took a battery until he was speeding around. He couldnt stop smiling. The one I am testing at the moment is a Generation IV nobody has seen, I always hide it and get my old Generation II out when the guys turn up. Once its perfect I will let you all have a look.

Thanks again to Torrance for all the inspiration and Aaron for the main setup of the bike. All I actually did is connect up all the essential parts needed for a bike with a few carbon and plastic parts
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