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DX450 at Daytona motorcycle speedweeks

Ok, I race Vintage Motocross motorcycles. I brought my DX450 with me to the 2 day Vintage MX Nationals at historic Gatorback MX park at Gainsville Fla.this weekend. I broke the bike out (without telling anyone what I was up to, lol) after the Saturdays MX races were over. I just went to the back of my van and fired up the bike and set it down and drove it out of my pit and into view of all the other racers in the area. Imagine the double takes of this miniature MX bike cruising thru the pits amonst all the full scale iron!! I think from their reactions they thought they were in the Twilight Zone! No one in this group of old pros even knew this was possible.
This is the first experience for me running the bike out doors and I think the conditions were perfect for showing the potential of racing these off road RC bikes. I've pretty much only run the bike on local (SE Michigan) carpet tracks (worked good) and indoor dirt tracks, that considering the limited tires available for the duratrax I've had less then great results because of the type of dirt surfaces and tires ,for the limited testing I've done.
The pit area here in Fla. consisted of smooth, short, dried out wintergrass with hardpacked damp sand making up the roads criss crossing thru the pit areas.
I would rip thru the grass hitting scale like bumps (jumps) and popping wheelies, then enter the pit roads, and pitch the bike into a full lock broad slide throwing a 4" high mini rooster tail for six or eight feet behind the rear tire, what a hoot for everyone.
I think Tower Hobbie's phone will warm up on Monday, considering all the questions I answered.
What a Blast! Dave

P.S. Just in case you're wondering, My full scale racing went well too. I won 2 classes. Saturday I won, riding on my Vintage class (bikes built previous to 1975) 1975 CZ 400cc bike( I know, WHAT in hell is a CZ, lol. Built in Czecoslavakia (sp) lol) and Sunday (today) I won on my Post Vintage (bikes built after 1975, but previous to 1984) Husqvarna CR 430cc bike (Yes, before chain saws and lawnmowers).
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