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Skeg continued. Today, it will basically be done. First, I cut off the closed end of the carbon tube and cleaned up the carbon tube to rough smooth (real oxymoron there huh). At this point I will decide a shape, which is up to you not me, and i cut a plywood main keel and two sides from phenolic to guts it up. I shaped this a bit to a rough airfoil shape, and a contour to fit the fuse and glued it on with black CA (epoxy if fine, this just makes things go faster and black CA is really strong stuff). I also used the black CA and accelerator to form a fillet on each side that I cleaned up with a rat tail file.

At this point we are ready to apply the last two layers of fiberglass to skeg assembly. I am using 3 oz. crows foot weave glass, it is very drapable, that means it goes around forms and such really easy. I cut a piece large enough to easily cover half the skeg, the right or left one, and after a quick light layer of 3M 77 spray adhesive, I lay that over the above mentioned half and smooth it out. At this point, and a major disclaimer here***, I use thin regular CA and wet out the glass. It is not important that it is exactly wetted to the half lines, but I usually go past the half line myself just a bit. After it dries, I use a good razor, trim off the excess and then sand smooth the edge line. This is repeated three more times, alternating one side then the other and so on till you have two layers overlapping each other as theouter layer of the skeg.

The glass really ties in the plywood/phenolic assembly and it gives you a great base to sand out to smooth to finish the skeg, either unpainted or painted as your taste may be. It will take two pages to show all the pics, but enough here.


***When using thin CA as I am here, use a well ventilated room.
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