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Originally Posted by Tommy D View Post
A UAL son doing a Eastern Bird!! Shame-Shame!

So did you have

New Playing cards each year with UAL's Fleet on them

Snow "Bunny suits" with "United" on them

.... a almost unlimited supply of Macadamia nuts!

UAL Son here <JFK> Dad also loved the DC3. Flew it over "the hump" more then once.

Tommy D
Hi Tommy, from down in PHL. I Spent some time a few decades ago at JFKFF.

Ya, well...The EAL livery... When it crashes and breaks up, I can pretend to be Frank Lorenzo.

Letssee... 1939 to well, today...That would make it a 71 year legacy. Plenty of time to accumulate the memorabilia. For example, I still have the baby blanket that UAL Pres. William Patterson sent to Mom and Dad when I was born, some Red Carpet Flight matchbooks with my name on them in gold leaf, and half a box of blue #2 pencils that say, "Fly United Air Lines - Jet Mainliners."

When you were a boy, were you the only kid on the block who always had a suit that fit? Did you ever write a school theme about flying to Disneyland for the weekend, only to be sent home with a note from the teacher that said, "Tommy is telling tall tales in class?"

After all these years, as for my interest in piloting and RC'ng away from work, u'd think I'd shy away from that, but I guess you could say, "It's in my blood." Probably is, for everyone in here.

PM me n we can trade some tales of glory and woe, huh?
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