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I just got my HPP-22 and was able to successfully upgrade the firmware on my A9 to the 1.06. The process was very easy, however the software interface leaves a lot to be desired. I can understand that this is an early release so I hope that a new version will be available soon. Here are a few examples:

- The English translation is a little confusing. It is almost like reading the English manual of a Chinese product. "Data load" = save the configuration to your PC, and "Data Save" = Upload to transmitter. There was more, but I can't think of an example at the moment.

- I couldn't find a menu anywhere to actually setup a model on my computer and upload it to the radio. Wasn't that one of the advertised features or did I misunderstand something? Maybe there is an additional piece of software that I need to download?

- I could find a way to backup the entire radio - you have to download each model individually, which could be tedious and time consuming if you have 30 models. Why not make a Backup and Recovery options? Would be very useful if you need to send your radio for service!

- I couldn't find any way to set a custom low battery voltage on the receiver (if using different power source other than 4/5 cell Ni-XX batery); this was also an advertised feature, wasn't it?

- Not sure if 64bit Operating systems are supported. The software didn't like my 64bit version of Windows XP Pro. Not a biggie, as long as Vista and Windows 7 are supported in 64bit versions.

On I side note, I was expecting to find an option to mute the sound of the transmitter (touch screen/keyboard beeps) as it was a very common request, but let's hope that this will be addressed in the next firmware update.
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