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Sorry for the delay, been on travel the past days...

I think the model would be best configured for 5S. If you are buying fresh batteries, then that is easy...

The motor which will give best flexibility is the Zs4025-14, BUT if 5S you need to be able to fit up to a 16" prop. If you can, the APC 16x12 with that motor on 5S should fly with great authority, and overall system effciency will be high due to the large prop.

But the motor will also support 6S, if you want to use your existing packs and perhaps buy a few more 6S packs. On 6S, I would go 15x8 to 15x10, I think.

A 90A SBEC ESC will be good. Do make sure that the retract servo action is smooth and won't jam.


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Hope it's OK to bump this, as it was getting buried a few pages back, and I'd like to have Dave see it, in case he's perusing this thread.

I'm thinking a Zs4020-12 with the Atlas 90A ESC. And, two, four CX 3S 5000mAh batteries.
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