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Originally Posted by lazy-b View Post

May I suggest to use a very common microchip such as PIC16F628 and a simple 2x16 LCD as display, so that every RC Modeller can easily purchase the CHIPS and LCD Display...........another even cheaper display is to use a simple 4 Digit 7 Segment LED Display......... hope you can also share its source code.

I guess, the finished products will just look like a simple terminal a 2 x 16 LCD display with 4 Button , this is very common Display terminal used by Mini TURBINE Engine use in RC JET Plane.
OK, I have PIC16F628's in my parts box, so I'll use that one.
I'll go with 16x2 LCD myself, they are so cheap now and I have lots I've scrounged from old hardware.
Yes, the source WILL be shared. But keep in mind that I'm a Hardware guy that dabbles in Software, so don't expect too much finesse...

Melihk, whats LRS stand for ?
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