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I've been flying 10 minute sessions on Phoenix daily. MOST days 5-6 10 minute sessions.

I've been working on upright orientation, flips, stall turns, lazy 8s, rolls, and loops.

Flew the Protos today for 2 7 minute packs. Just tail in trying to dial in everything the way I like it. Ended up taking my expo down to 15% from 25%. Upped my head speed, switched to a linear pitch curve.

Flies better.

A hour later I took my 450 out for a few packs. I was doing side in hovers with the Protos. I could hold them for as long as I wanted, very comfortable.

So I decided to swing it around nose in about 15 feet in front of me and 8 feet up.

I held nose in perfect!

I flew most the pack nose in. At the end I started drifting backwards into a tree. Didn't give it enough cyclic to get out and hit the tree.

2 Align woodies, boom supports, probably feathering shaft, and maybe main shaft (havent checked the shafts yet).

Being that I'm 95% capable of hovering upright in any orientation, I dig it!
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