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Microlite would be a good choice. Just stay away from the heavy films. Nelson lite film aka solite works well but loosens or should I say has poor memory. Solarfilm is a good alternative little stronger and on the lower end of film weight. Doculam is also a candidate however you need to buy a lifetime supply or I think Charlie at Manzano has "short" rolls. While tissue and dope would be your lightest choice it is very prone to puncture and might not meet your survivability criteria.

I agree with E, put ailerons on, correct the airfoil from the plans flat profile, correct either the wing or horizontal stabilizer incidence unless you are ready for lot's of down trim, 1/8" Washout in the tips (as this is an elliptical wing) right and down thrust will also help in a successful first flight, CG forward of the FF line. I believe this one has a CL CG marked on the plans? might be a good start.

The challenge is going to be the front end of the Spitfire. It has a short nose and not a lot of room in there. As WT did you can go up to 14 OZ.'s or so and probably be fine. Just remember the lower the weigh the lower the stall speed.

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