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Originally Posted by bartmanekul View Post
Posted already, but a member said I would get a better response here.

I would love one of these. I have a very small camera - keyring size - which I'd like to mount on it and watch.

I have settled on this:

But if there is anything else out there which you feel is better, I'd welcome suggestions. Price, around 100, though will pay more if it's very good.

Ideally I'd like something with more batterylife, but at around that price I have to be practical.

Must have:

Stability, gyro and hover so it can fly indoors without problems.

What I'd really like:

Ability to go outside, in something more than a very slight breeze.

Longer battery life.

Ability to carry lightly heavier loads

Any suggestions are welcome, links to buy especially.

I am up for kits as long as not too complex, but don't really want to buy seperate parts to construct myself.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Edit: I have looked at the walkera range, but they look a tad flimsy compared to the one I am looking at. The rotors look well protected.
I have no experience with off the shelf quads such as the one in the link. However 79 is a very good price for a quad - kits are considerably more (maybe 200 to 300 - it is some time since I built mine).

Stability outside is unlikely to be good in anything other than almost flat calm conditions unless the control system has a full complement of sensors including accelerometers and maybe magnetometer and GPS (not just gyros). Lifting capacity will not be great as this is a toy that has been designed down to a price but only by testing will you find out its limitations.

good luck, Peter
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