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That was from back on October 18. Well, rather than do my own research , I'll take the easy way out and take you up on your offer, if I may impose on you. I'm ready to start building my Corsair, my first balsa ARF, and second plane after the Apprentice (which still flies GREAT, btw, thanks to that Hyperion motor), so may ask for advice on motor, ESC, battery?

Here are details, from the manual:

H&M Corsair ARF 7 3/4 lbs. Wingspan 59.5",and wing area 650 sq. in.

Recommended motors: E-Flite 60, AXI 4130. I'll need a back mounted motor.

Recommended ESC's: Jeti Advance PLUS 70 Amp, Phoenix 80 Amp.

Recommended batteries: Two 4000 mAh 3s2p LiPO or equivalent, (used in series). (But, I have two Thunder Power Pro Lite V2 4350mAh 3S 20C Contin/40C Burst, with EC3 connectors, that I use with the Apprentice and intended to use on the Corsair, but I'm flexible about that.)

Prop: Others have flown with 15 x 10, and a 16 x 10. Another flies with a 15 x 7 MAS three-blade, with a Hyperion G3 6cell 5000 mAh, pulling less than 1000 watts. Others use 14 x 7, 14 x 9, three-blade. I'd like to use a three blade prop eventually, for scale purposes, although I'll probably start out with an inexpensive two-blade APC in case I nose it over at first. I intend to get one of those spinner hubs from Vario Prop.

Let's see, what else? It has retracts and I have a JR791 retract servo on order. Do I need a BEC? One flies "with a Castle BEC set to 6V." Some fly with one, others don't.

Speed? Probably fly around at 50% throttle most of the time. Will take it easy, although it would be nice to have some power to pull it out of any tip stalls.

Does that help?

Hope it's OK to bump this, as it was getting buried a few pages back, and I'd like to have Dave see it, in case he's perusing this thread.

I'm thinking a Zs4020-12 with the Atlas 90A ESC. And, two, four CX 3S 5000mAh batteries.
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