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Originally Posted by herk1 View Post
Yes, I am using a HET with 2W-20 for the first time in one of my planes currently under construction, and it is way louder than anything I've ever had before. When I first started to do a test runup, I had to stop and go get my hearing-protection earmuffs from the garage, because the decibel level was definitely in the hearing-damage level.
There is ZERO doubt the sound is hearing damage capable -- NO DOUBT. I was wearning nice set of protectors

Funny thing is, up in the air she sound like a JET dream. The air rushing through adds a jet like whine to 'er and I was just in aw.

This fan is AWESOME and packs incredible power. She's not as fast still as the Little Jpower 50mm WEMOMANIAC F16 I got going this weekend --- but she packs just a tiny tiny bit shy of unlimited vertical. Flys 10 times better than prior --- thrust is incredible and will lift the plane out like its nothing. Prior with the 64mm fan felt like it was constantly laboring to keep up. This feels grossly overpower and its downright nice. 5 minutes flight easy -- plenty of capacity in the 3000... took back about 57% or around 1700mah.

Love this jet --- but its tricky cuz then i try to fly the 50mm Jpower and it KNOCKS your socks off as its is twitchy compared to a larger 70mm jet.

FUN FUN FUN all day. Was great whether.

I will make VIDS of both jets next weekend come HECK or high water.
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