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i removed the 64mm Cyclone fan from this jet and have replaced it with a 70mm HET 6904 and 2W20....

finished it today and going to maiden it now...

Excited!! I ran up the HET fan and WOW is it smooth as silk, love it. It also SCREAMS extremely loud --

using 3000mah 35C 4s lipos --- on the bench not in the model the fan made 60.8peak amps and 895 peak watts, 14.37 low volts.

The jet made 550-600watts on the Cyclone 64mm fan with the same battery as above. With this 64mm fan the jet very performed nicely and was ok on speed, ok on vertical. NOT unlimited by any stretch and I was always wishing she had a little more speed. As my edf flying skills are getting better i'm looking for more speed in my models lately.

I'm excited to fly as now I feel the vertical WILL be unlimited with this setup.

On the 64 Cyclone the jet was 989grams AUW same battery as above.

With the HET the jet is 1030grams (the power system is slighter lighter than the cyclone but i used a much heavier 60A instead of 40A esc with the Cyclone... So in the end i pick up weight but NOT much compared to how much power output i just picked up. From a 64 to a 70 fan and from 550watts to nearly 900watts, jet gains only 4% in weight.

Should be fun!! Will report back with results
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