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Protos Re-maiden!

Last night I put the new Futaba S9650 servos on the cyclic. Reset the head, noticed I had the head a little off, fixed it up so everything was level and I was getting the same positive pitch and negative pitch at full.

Swash level through it's entire range of motion

Put two packs through it today. One in calm wind with a few gusts, the next in probably 10-15 mph.

With a curve of (three point to star) 0-71 (middle)-100 on the throttle the head speed is tame, yet has a ton of punch out power.

6 minutes I put back in 1300 mah, I could push up to 8 but will settle on 7, which will be just at 1500 mah on 2200

This thing flies GREAT, a little tail wag, looks like hunting to me, need a few tuning packs still yet to get the gain right..I may have a little notchiness in the tail I have to work out..part of the fun.

This thing sounds wicked, no gear mesh noise, just rotor and motor sound. Tracking was perfect, not much trim needed, just perfect.

I love it
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