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Modfly, I really like your work on the application of this function on the sukhoi. I currently have nearly 150 flights on my (2) 4 sites and am not sure if the flap function is going to be stable on this plane. Proper modulation of throttle/elevator yields a nice nose high attitude and crawl speed. (harrier)
However, I am currently using a version of this function on my reactor bipe, activating by switch, a proportional flap/elevator mix..(full up elevator yeilds full down flap, and the reverse).. This doesnt really help in normal flight but REALLY comes alive with full throttle/deflection blips, making the plane loop inside or outside in place. If the 4 site has enough power and that function can be summoned, it would be interesting, as the stock plane's loops are kinda wide IMO.. (it doesnt have the throws I'm used to on elevator)
Advice.. It is hard to judge the true characteristics of the 4site in ANY wind. I AVOID flying outside for this reason. Bring her inside and you WILL be tickled! Also, Ive found because of the ultra-sensitive nature of the rudder and the constant need for its use that a fair amount of EXPO helps.
Keep up the good work! M
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