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Doing it in the Lateral Axis
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First flight(s) finally

Ok Bud, fair enough

I Just got in from my first 4-Site flight. The plane was harder to fly than I thought it would be. Defiantly not a beginner plane. Of course my flight was not under optimum conditions. First it was dark and cold and under a street light at a parking lot with cars buzzing about. There was a lite variable breeze also. I flew the Ember2 and Vapor first to warm up as its been about 3 weeks since I have flown anything. I figured if the Vapor could handle the breeze, so could the 4-Site. Actually, the 4-site does not seem to like any kind of breeze at all. I did a ROG and the plane was off but the nose was really pitch up, thats when I relished I had the flaps on. So I turned them off and got it trimmed out and it was finally flying but it does require coordinated turns to keep it in a small area for sure. At the slightest breeze, the plane was hard to handle as it seemed to want to roll over. Then I noticed it was kinda touchy in the pitch axis but after checking it out looks like my elevator has poor centering. Also the plane has "up thrust" but the poor centering elevator seems to be the worst problem. I had a few rough landing due to the flaky elevator but no damage as far as I can see. The plane seems pretty tough to me. I ran 2 150 mah packs through it and I was getting pulsing within 1 minuter but it was very cold out (24 F). After the plane landed and it almost got ran over by a car I decided it was time to quit.

The Flaps do slow the plane down quite a bit but because I have a poor centering elevator I could not get it trimmed properly so more testing will be done once I resolve this issue. I would have to say from tonights flights it seems the Flap mod is worth the effort.
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