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Originally Posted by TROY01 View Post
Correct. I actually ordered this motor for another plane, but since the plane is not started yet I thought I would try it out on the Brio. I want high speed, that is why I ordered the -12 with the higher KV. Ultimatley I want to run it up to a max of about 50 amps of 500w with an 11-8 prop. I figured that will really get a Supert Sportser with a 24C 4000 mah pack scooting along. I know on the really cheap motors that if you increase the amps they will burn up. I expect this Hyperion can take a high amp and not burn up. This motor has more than enough power for a Brio 10 no doubt. I want a high speed motor thats all. I am using a fresh Thunder power 2200 30C 3 cell pack for testing.
Cool thanks! I was wondering what your goal was so, now I understand. Your correct about the motors taking a beating and not cooking, I have 7 different new Hyperion motors and run several of them above what most would consider "safe". Nary an issue with any of them

If I was you, I would try a Hyperion G3 battery instead of the TP Pro 30. Despite what a lot of TP biased "testers" say you'll get more power (a LOT more) from the G3 than the TP. If you go the VX route I'd bet you'd be where you want and might even have to prop back down to the 10x7 instead of the 11" prop.

Another thing to keep in mind is watts/amps means relatively little without RPMs. I'd much rather have a motor delivering lower watts but higher RPM as opposed to the opposite. Just means actual power "to the prop" is higher and the motor is a lot more efficient, all other things being equal that is.
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