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Doing it in the Lateral Axis
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Originally Posted by maukabud View Post
wow...all this bickering and hulabaloo....just for flaperons/spoilerons?? You guys should spend some time flying competition sailplanes...all this is basic common knowledge in that world. (It's an intriguing aspect of RC, and one learns a lot about gear setups, wind, approaches, aerodynamics etc.)

Bud, not flaming Bud (hey what was that "WUMP" sound?)

(my 4site should arrive in a few days...will NOT be programming flaps/ need IMO...spoilers are meant for sailplanes and jets coming in high and hot...coordinated turns should remain a part of flying.)
Maybe you are missing the point my friend, I am presenting this info for those who are interested in making the 4-Site even better and exploring all its options and features. I think this is a cool mod as its all done in programming so no actual hardware changes are needed plus it does the same thing as the "air brake" option but adds no weight . But of course if you all ready now everthing, then it will be of little benefit to you

Another thing I would like to say bud is I think you are under estimating the difficulty in doing this mod. Programming the AR6400-AR6400L is a bit more difficult than it first appears as this is a very high tech brick and has lots of features that are unique. As far as I know, there is nothing else quite like it and this is new technology and the goal of this thread is to explore its potential..get it?
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