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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
Heck yeah, the 500 is a good heli - a little expensive for a beginner, but the flight characteristic is perfect.

15-20 minute sessions on the simulator is enough. You must take a break after that, to give your brain time to process what you've learned. Always start off each learning session with a review of previous sessions, to build up the memories - but don't get stuck at one level - always try to progress.
I agree with Jazz on the sim thing. I try and fly a few 10 minutes sessions with rest in between just as if I were flying for real at the field.

If I sit for too long in front of the sim, I slowly start to degrade mentally down to just goofing off and my flying skills seem to get worse the longer I keep flying. I think its only the "Playstation" kids that can sit for hours in front of one and actually make headway
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