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On 2/14 I maidened the Protos 500.

I was in a rush and undisciplined.

The result:

Broken tail case and one of the idler pulleys = missing.

I was in a big rush so:

Initial flight was with the blades on backwards (yes they fly like this!) and something like -15-20 degrees negative expo (and this is NOT a Futaba where -expo tones things down).

Winds at 20 mph gusting to 30
Temp 25-26 degrees F

Horrible conditions.

So the first few mini hovers resulted in a ton of huh? moments. Took the heli in and found the blades on backwards and expo. Fixed with 25% positive expo and proper blades. I had the YGE esc on super slow start which took forever to build up to the real head speed. So I put it on middle. Middle on the YGE is what we're all used to.

My curves were crap..ended up fixing them up. I crashed with a hard landing. Tried to set it down fast as I can't trim in 20-30 mph winds. Wind gust with negative collective and it slammed down.

In retrospect..throttle hold would've saved it. Just hit TR, don't touch the collective unless you need to add some positive to soften it, and let it gently plop down.

Replacement parts will be in tomorrow/Friday. Also went ahead and got some 9650s for the cyclic. I don't have great geometry with my HS85MG arms, plus my 3DHS Slick wants them back.

I flew my fathers Trex 500 ESP. I think this would be a great size beginner CP heli if you can afford it. We were getting 8minutes with time to spare on 6s 3000 mah packs. GP750 gyro holds his tail well. I clocked the head speed at 2150 and we ended up bumping it to 2250 and toning his collective down. Winds were 10-15 gusting to 20, but it handled them very well.

Flew my EXI outside in calmer winds later this evening. It just flies SO much better than anything I've flown yet..I just HAVE to figure out why. It's not the's something in the programming.

I loaded Phoenix and tested my curves against standard curves I found online. I was hovering with more pitch and less headspeed with my curves. I noticed doing some maneuvers I don't do in real life..involving going fast and pulling gs, my high pitch setting bogs the motor down.

I also have 40% ail/elev on the swash mix...not a lot of swash movement. IT really looks like the toned down Blade SR in the air. Really think a person can take a better heli than the Blade SR and tune it to fly just as easy.

My EXI flies easier than the simulator. I can perfectly control it. I did side in and nose in with it outside.

I'm ALSO getting 30 minutes to several hours per day on the simulator just doing orientation training. That could be a reason as well?

At any rate the EXI is a top performer in my fleet.

I have probably 20-25 flights on it now, so I put it on the bench tonight and checked loctite. Need to triflow some of it as well.
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