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Right started playing with the small 4ch system and decided to range check it.

Took it to work with me and at lunch time decided to take it down to Victoria Park in Auckland. Great place surrounded by lots of wi-fi networks.

Range on the 4ch is listed at 500m Victoria park diagonally across is about 350m need to find a bigger park.

Basically I hooked up a power system to the rx 3 servo's motor etc basic plane setup and then we started walking away from each other while I was moving the aileron servo only. In addition to this my mate had his body between the rx and the transmitter, trying to block the signal.

Things we were watching for on the rx was the led making sure we had a locked on signal and any jitter from any of the other servo's.

First run we had the aerial point directly towards the rx. First 20m were jitter filled and we lost range at about 50m. That is the worst transmitter setup scenario. (for those that don't know pointing your aerial straight at a rx is not conducive to it getting signal)

Next we turned the tx aerial at an angle to the rx and started again. I eventually lost sight for my mate as he got to the end of the field and carried on walking through trees.

While he was walking in trees he was losing signal and gaining it again. Again nothing new with 2.4g systems they don't like objects between signals. However he was impressed that when it recovered at that distance it was immediate.

So the next challenge is to find a field with more than 500m line of sight.

Personally after this test I would be happy to put this into any parkflyer without fear of it losing reception. If I flew any of my parkflyers at that range I would be having a hard time seeing them anyway.
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