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My gosh- we are acting childish today aren't we? Give it a rest, no one likes to see this kind of posting 'upstairs'.


Since we are discussing flaps on the Ar6400(L), do you think you could answer a question for me?

In a plane set up with only one aileron servo (like the p-51) does the AR6400 come set up to mirror channel 2 and 6, or are they independent channels out of the box?

In an earlier thread you said to mix ailerons (flaps) and elevator to move in opposite directions when performing Flaps/ spoileron mixing. I had always thought that a mix like this would be used in a highly aerobatic plane to give the effect of having HUGE Elevator throw. But in your flap demo you have the ailerons (flaps) and the elevator moving in the same direction. I presume that the elevator is moved down ward to counteract the pitch up tendency correct?

If you could just clarify which direction the control surfaces move when flaps (and or spoilerons) are added it would be much appreciated.
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