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I rarely had products shipped by fedex but they usually make it here when a vendor use's there service. Ups and the usps is another story here but they all have similar problems getting your stuff to you sometimes. Try not to order around christmas.. busiest time of the year for packages and highest rate of lost or damaged packages if you even get them.. and usually later than expected. Some that stand out from years past,several years ago the ex got me a traxxas e-maxx.. never got here(shipped during christmas)I hope who ever got it enjoys it.. i ended up just buying one and dont remember if the ex ever got it settled with the dispute department. About 4 years ago had a plane with all the gear shipped usps.. knew it was coming so watched like a hawk and stayed current with the online tracking and was home the whole time.. was checking the tracking since it was in the area for delivery and it showed it was delivered around the time i was checking?. Called the vendor,called the postal inspector.. got lucky on that one and they had someone deliver it within 30 minutes,i got bogus info at first but stated i spoke with two postal workers to check earlier in the day if it was in there truck that had been in my area even though at first they said it was delivered and that there is only one person for this route on the phone. Ups about 2 years or so ago same deal,a speed control i needed to finish a plane.. home the whole time and checked regularly for updates on the web tracking.. wow it just got here according to online tracking but no truck no one at door? Called vendor and called ups.. got the run around with ups. They asked if i checked around the home and if i checked my neighbors homes for the package? Humored the person and went out with the cordless phone and checked around MY home.. no where to be found,i asked can you call the driver and ask where he delivered it? No they cant? oh really.. hmmm,well the longer they stone wall the harder it is to recover the package, Usually if i get neighbors mail i take it to them and vice versa but packages never make it back here when they go to the wrong house or on the wrong block i guess . Vendor sent out another esc and i guess battled ups. Ive had some packages come ripped apart and taped and some smaller non rc stuff that never made its way here either(outgoing packages have done pretty good though knock on wood).

Bottom line once something is shipped its out of your hands and the vendors.. doesnt matter what service is used it can cost both time and money unfortunately when the shipping service screws up. If the package was time sensitive such as a gift for someone thats even worse. I wouldnt have it reshipped and understand saying screw it.. id just by xyz locally and have the present for the person when you were suppose to have it. Unfortunately now the vendor will have to dispute with the shipping service to cover the loss of the package,if they do ever find the package and deliver it id send it back to the vendor.
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