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Originally Posted by modfly View Post
Uh, maybe you should read post #15 again Mr Pat as I linked a thread where I did this mod last summer and talked about the servo reversing cable and other aspects of the AR6400. I do not understand why you have taken it upon your self to scold me about this incident, let it go man, your ruining this thread with your dribble. No one really cares about what you are talking about. From now on, please keep off topic comments out of this thread please. Please feel free to use the PM function if you need to discuss this further. I wish to keep this thread on topic and do not wish to discuss this any further in the public forum.

The above post you quoted is no longer what I have typed in post #15 so your quote is null and void.
All true, which makes it even more strange that you did not help the guy yesterday, instead you chose to make fun of him.

And you editing a post an hour after I respond does not make my response "null and void". Just like in the other thread you can't turn back time and undo things you say.

As far as going to PM, why would I do that? Zero to be gained there I am sure. Nothing more needs to be said on either side.

Have fun

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