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Originally Posted by modfly View Post
What is it your implying Pat M? That you did it in your thread or something first or what? If so, Bully for you. I was not aware or do I care about your thread or posts. Sounds like you may be jealous because your thread was largely ignored. I did not look at your thread nor do I feel the need to look at it. Have a nice day

You posted in the thread. Several times. You were nasty to the OP , laughed at him and said he had made a user error.
You have edited most of your posts in that thread, but some are still there in quotes.
At that time you seemed not to have a clue how to solve his problem.
Now today you start a thread on almost the same topic.

And now you deny even looking at the thread or the posts

But whatever, you have done a lot of work on these micros and posted a lot of good tips.
I will just end by saying that in general it is polite to acknowledge where your ideas came from, or at the very least not get nasty when you get a polite reminder.

(And you sort of need two people because it is hard to hold the transmitter, the sticks and the plane and plug in the battery with only two hands.)

Pat MacKenzie
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