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Doing it in the Lateral Axis
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Originally Posted by pmackenzie View Post

Funny you would do this change today. I wonder where you got the idea.....
Pat MacKenzie
What is it your implying Pat M? Are you saying that you alone know how to program the AR6400 or something? Dude, its common knowledge and I did this same programming using dual aileron servos with the Ch2\Ch6 mode swap last summer on a Micro Cox P-47 using the AR6400. I was the first to do it eh? I did not get the idea from you or anyone else. I was the first to post a thread on this mod so why do you think I got the idea or info from you? Here is a thread using the AR6400 in a Cox micro warbird that uses twin independent aileron servos with Spoilerons There is some other good info in that thread like how to run the AR6400 off 2 cells and there is also a discussion on the servo reversing cable and other useful info so you see Pat M, I have been working with the AR6400 for a good while now and did not start yesterday posting info about it like you

Originally Posted by pmackenzie View Post
There is no need to unplug the motor before doing the 2-6 mix toggle.
If you are worried about the motor starting by accident (which it shouldn't) then just remove the prop.
Pat MacKenzie
I disagree and think the motor plug should be disconnected if doing any stick programming. I recommend you disconnect the motor plug unless you want your new 4-Site damaged in a fly away.

The manual suggests using two people if doing Stick programming but I did not have a helper so removing the motor plug is very easy and quick with a set of treasures. The manual says that accidental motor arming and fly aways can occur while attempting stick programming. Seems that removing the prop is a bad idea because its not good for the motor to run WOT with no load. Could cause it to throw a brush or cause general damage to the motor. Just disconnect the motor plug and no worries. Takes 2 seconds.
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