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Originally Posted by The Don View Post
The nip and tuck is complete, it was very easy to do see photos. I also tested the W4800 on 4S and it was 29 amps and about 430 watts. I also did a stock motor system and it was 140-150 watts. So my plan is to fly first on the Wicked 5400 and 3S which is about twice stock power then go to the 4800 on 4S for crazy speed at three times the stock power. I am ordering a few 4S1000 30C lipo.

So here are the power options I have tested in the Wemo Mocro 50mm fan:

Wicked 5400 on 3S lipo: 24 amps 280 watts
Wicked 4000 on 4S lipo: 22 amps 325 watts
Wicked 4800 on 4S lipo: 29 amps 430 watts

Stock on 3S is 14.2 amps 145 watts

Thanks for all the great detail on the power systems Don!! You're the first to bring together a decent dataset. I'm surprised to see these jets fly as good as they do at just 150 watts stock power system.

Gives a good idea how impressive climbout ought to be even at 280 watts on the 3 lipo. 4s should be only necessary for the DIE-HARDEST flyers with severe NEED FOR SPEED issues.

I can't imagine it on 4s 1000's 30C's ! Hope you're fingers are FAST and your eyesight is KEEN.

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