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Yes, the 6i was all of those things.....including ugly BUT it was a low price entry.

There IS a difference ! The DX8 is NOT entry level.

Frankly the 11X is looking LOTS better when you view the DX8 and compare.
I was dead against the 11X 's appearance UNTIL I looked at this dog (DX8).

IMO If you have any pride of ownership at all you'll pass on this design (DX8) and wait for Horizon/Spektrum to fix their large and obvious error.

I'm not kidding, the 11X IS looking MUCH better to me.
Now for frame rate, resolution (2048 is given), unlimited switch assignment and the rest of the specs.

For those who laud the A9, well, a beauty it is not. It is also but 1024 and frame rate??????
Better looking than the DX8 ----- it would HAVE to be.
But then again so is some bug splat I have seen.

I may have to look over Fuitaba's designs.
FOR ME, that is just about Heresy as I switched to JR and relatives in '81.

Fortunately for me, I have a couple of systems that were purchased
BEFORE Spektrum lost their appearance judgment.
One was new in 2009.

I can wait a year.
Hopefully they'll get it right by 2011.

Then again, when you make a design decision THAT far out in the boonies------------
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