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Originally Posted by Melnic View Post
What are the dip switch settings on yours?
Does the Rx bind on each power up like the Walkera 2.4ghz Rx's do or is there a bind plug with it?
On my 2.4ghz Walkera 4#3B, you have to plug in the Heli first, then turn the Tx on.
Is the Razor the same?
There is a label on the right of the transmitter that shows switches that are up are off and those that are down are on. The DIP settings on mine for the main switches are:

Rudder: down (or on)
Throttle: up (or off)
Aileron: up (or off)
Elevator: up (or off)

For the others, the first three are on the right of the main switches, the last three are on the left. The settings are:

PIT: up (or off)
CCPM. elevator: up (or off)
nor. CCPM: down (or on)
exp: up (or off)
plt pit: up (or off)
rudd mix gyro sens: up (or off)

This one was a little tricky for me. First turn on the TX, then immediately plug in the battery. The receiver binds each time, first it flashes red and blue... then solid red, then finally solid blue. If you do anything wrong like wait too long (or plug the heli in first) you'll have control over the swash plate but not the rudder and the gyro will be still be flashing red and blue. Got to have that solid blue light on the gyro for full control.

This is my first 450. I was surprised by the size of the thing. I have a CB100 (tiny little thing) and a EXI 250 (big by comparison). When this spins up, it is pretty loud, has a lot of power, and is just very impressive to me.
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