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Melnic, I can't wait to see what you have to say. You know your stuff and you've helped me much. I've read much of the 450 setup information on I used the coupon from your website to save $10 on this heli. Thanks Melnic!

I'm also curious to see what Jhawk thinks about his e-razor. I just got the 2.4Ghz e-razor. Opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised - it looks to be of pretty good quality. Everything is neatly routed and tied down. The canopy is beautiful. I charged up the battery. Before testing the servos, I had to cut a zip tie holding the esc in place so that I could unplug the motor. I tested the servos and the swash movement is correct on mine. The switches are right there on the front, so I can see how one could easily get messed up. One thing about the TX... there is no throttle hold switch and the idle up/normal is on the right side.

I plugged in the motor and connected the battery, then tried to spin up the rotor. If you are in idle up mode, the receiver won't bind. I like that. One thing I've noticed is that the tail rotor blades are just a little longer than the tail, so if you are not careful, the tail blades might touch the floor a little bit when first starting up. Once it gets going, the wobbling stops and everything seems pretty smooth. It starts to get light on the skids at about 1/3 stick. No way would I try to hover this in my livingroom, so I'll have to wait until it isn't so cold in Michigan.
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