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Yes and no.. Spektrum a few years ago was a new player to the market and its prices were not cheap either. It was new and unknown then as well.

Difference it was not a company from China. Does not matter that if you look at most of the RX's the have a made in China sticker attached. I think the big hurdle that FrSky have to over come is the fact that this is in fact a decent system that comes from China. The world is not used to that.

That being said they have done all the legal certifications to get there product to be compliant in most countries and when I approched them were more than willing to assist in getting me what I needed to certify the system locally. Something unheard of in general from most companies I have dealt with from China.

If they market there product at a price any lower than what they are people will tend not to trust it as they immediately associate the word cheap to it. Also once there name is made it will be hard raise prices as people will ask why so they will run at a almost a risk of not making any profit and bankruptcy.

I think they have done a good job otherwise I would not even be thinking of distributing there product. There price is right as it is cheaper than name brand systems but it is not cheap they you won't get after sales support in a years time because they have gone off the market. In addition I get excellent support from FrSky which really helps for support issues, I can't say that about some of the larger companies out there.

All in all it tends to be a balancing act of too cheap and people say your product it cheap, to expensive and people look funny at it. I think at least in our market in NZ is it priced right. Either way as you say it looks good and I am excited playing with this stuff. This weekend I will be playing a bit more with it testing its limits.

I also know of a FrSky going up in a pulse jet this weekend. If it survives that vibration, heat, speed and big blocks of signal blocking metal then I think that says a lot for it already.

I think it is already proving itself a contender to the name brands.

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A new brand like this need to build up a strong and good reputation first, then you could begin maybee higher the prices,,,, If the differance is only a few bucks/ receivers I think still most would choose for example Hitec 2.4ghz.

Im not saying Hitec is better , only it has a stronger name, and someway people relate that to confidence...
But sure, FrSky sounds good so far..
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