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Originally Posted by One Six Right View Post
Can I ask why you didn't make the extended inlet 90-100%FSA.
Not too much trouble to make a seconde proto, is it? Try them both and see which which one you like better. This one is about 4 1/2" longer than stock.
Just a thought.
Thanks Air - glad I saved you all that work.

Hi One Six,

Beautiful Work!

Several reasons,

A major reason was to create an inlet that could drastically reduce the landing impact and damage suffered on pretty much all Squall landing attempts. With it - you can land with more speed.

Aesthetics -, it just felt and looked right to bring the lip of the inlet forward in a straight extrusion.

My numbers:

2.718 x 3.14 = 8.534 sq. in.
.945 x 3.14 = 2.967
5.567 sq. in. = 69mm fan minus impeller

3.250 x 1.750 (actual opening between intake lip edges) = 5.687

5.567 x 90% = 5.010 FSA
5.567 x 95% = 5.288 FSA
5.567 x 100% = 5.567 FSA

Given the longer distance the air has to travel (5) and the need for more intake air in strenuous maneuvers, 5.687 or plus 4% seems about right.

So if Im not crazy, or the coffee hasnt kicked in yet I think Im fairly close.

This from the

For the purists Im going to put up on my web page an unfolded pattern for the interior duct. Those who wish to create one out of 3mm Depron, mylar or any flexible sheet goods, can find it there. I just have to figure out how to do it with my web page software...

Or if you have a wrecked Squall save the foam intake bits and make one from that.

Youll find that it will tuck in nicely at the rear of the lip and butt into the existing lip of the stock foam pan.

Thanks for asking!


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