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Good news, mine will fly ! Not only will she fly, she flies terrific and fast , at least fast for this novice RC pilot.

Remember, I have never flown a plane with ailerons prior to this and I have very little recent RC flying experience. My only recent experience ( in the last ~30 years ) is with a standard brushless Slow Stick.

It was perfect this morning. Cool for South Florida at 66, sunny and so calm you could hear dogs barking over a mile away. I burned up a battery in my standard SS and started to put my second battery in the SS when I thought, "No better time than now". So the second battery went in the SSX.

I put the SSX on the ground and did a pre-flight. Everything checked out good so I pushed the throttle about 1/2 forward. Off the SSX goes like a shot. A tiny bit of up elevator and up it goes. A little right aileron and she rolls hard right, sensitive. I am not ready or accustomed to that amount of sensitivity and over correct to the left. Whoa, heart is racing I can't crash this soon. Okay, I get her leveled out, I am way too close to mother earth, no mistake altitude left. A little up elevator, too much , she is almost straight up. I relax my thumbs and get her flattened out. I am now thinking I should have brought extra underwear with me this morning.

I finally get the hang of the amount of stick I have to use to make gentle movements. Still flying in a circular pattern afraid to try a figure eight. Finally get enough courage and confidence to do some figure eights and an accidental tight loop. In hind sight I probably should have set up dual rates on the DX7.

The thought comes to me that I will have to land this thing at some point and better now than dead stick. I bring her in and once again use too much up elevator trying to flair and cause a little porpoise inches above the deck. No harm done. Whew ! I am ready for more. I give her throttle again, the SSX goes about three feet and the motor stops dead. Wow, I was that close to running out of battery. Someone was watching over me a few minutes earlier.

I think the battery went down very quick. I say I think because I did not look at my watch and really have no clue how long I was up. It seemed quite short, in the ten minute or so range. When I first started flying the standard SS I thought run times were too short until I put a timer on them. I was flying over thirty minutes on a battery ! So my mind may have been playing tricks on me again with the SSX.

The SSX did not even require any trim. It flew great right off the bench, so to speak. Once I become accustomed to the amount of stick to use this will be a lot of fun to fly.

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