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while this might not work for those with truly BIG heads, if you are having trouble with the viewing angle, you might want to try this prior to chopping up the top of the unit.

*warning* if you are not comfortable working with very small, delicate ribbon cables & such, i would highly advise against proceeding!

ok, i have a average sized head, my dad too, but we both had problems with the viewing angle on both sets of goggles. like may other's have stated, they seemed too small. after a little investigation, i noticed that the 2 wires that feed power to each screen were sitting in front of a plastic clip which prevented the top of the optics assembly from seating completely flush against the faceplate. re-routing these wires under the clip allows for a flush fit. i assume this was the intent of the designer, but was botched during assembly. after re-assembly, viewing angle is almost perfect (for me). i no longer have to wear the goggles uncomfortably smashed down on my nose for a acceptable picture. i will likely play with some shims between the mounting posts and the 2 screws fastening the optics for a few more degrees of tilt.

its pretty much self explanatory how it all comes apart. i removed the ribbons & power connection prior to attempting to re-route the wires to avoid damage to the ribbons. the large trim bezels around the mirrored glass needs to come off. use caution after removing the lcds as there is a beveled lens underneath that can fall out as well as the mirrored glass. this is a good time to clean those filthy mirrors.

i think thats about it. let me know if you have any questions. cheers!
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