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Bind and fly is very successful for Horizon as they have many excellent models which are relatively inexpensive. It also allows them to lock you into spektrum technology to fly them. Which is fine... The rub for you guys though, is that the Aurora is the only radio which Spektrum does not make a module for. What is interesting is that they don't support Hitec radios at all. Yes, you can use their Futaba compatible module and it works, but it's not "officially" supported.

So in essence, any radio except the Aurora is capable of flying these models.

Multiplex on the other hand is positioned as a premium model brand, and deservedly so... the latest models from them are incredible; in fact, the Merlin is the best plane I've seen come around in a loooong time! "Park Liner" is the best term to describe it! But unfortunately this all comes with a modest price tag for our kits. You do have the option to get a prebuilt "RR" (Receiver Ready) version of many of their models which is cool, but they command an even higher price, although it is a value vs. buying the additional gear separately.

Including a Hitec AFHSS RX for a BnF would be cool but also add even more cost; and while we would love for everyone to use our system, there are too many radios out there to exclude. So "RR" is probably the best your going to get for now. There is, after all, a price to be paid for superior technology!

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