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The blade numbers go up to 11
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Rx packs don't take the hammering that a flight pack in a pylon racer will. Also, most Rx packs are likely to be assembled a bit better than el cheapo lipo packs that people will want to use. Come on, guys, it's not like you're being asked to spend $100 on a special battery, a 2 cell A123 1100mAh pack will more than suffice and costs very little, you don't need a regulator, just plug it directly into the Rx. This is what we use in big EDF models and they are extremely reliable. In the heat of racing, things go wrong and fail, lipos puff, the motor may overheat, de-mag and take out the esc and batt. In 25 years of pylon racing, I've never had an Rx pack fail, though. I'm not sure why people would risk failure in a racing model if you can still be on minimum weight with a separate Rx pack.
Whatever the rules say, I would always use a separate Rx pack.

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