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Build Log
Tragi 801

It is to say the least the dead of winter in Ohio with snow this past Friday and more on Tuesday, like maybe a foot or so total. So what else do you do, you assemble an airplane. About a week ago I got a Tragi 801 Cluster from Tom Copp at This installment today will cover the basic pretty pics of the ship clean, empty weights, and it's packaging. You ask, packaging, yap, cause the guys at Tragi package aircraft as well as anyone I have ever seen. The ships cost is $1999.00, no it is not a cheap one, but have you really looked at Tun products compared to other folks work?

Most of us here have gotten ships from lots of folks around this business, I would have to say that Tragi and Samba probably top the list, but Tragi I think edges Samba by a nose. When I look at a ship, ya, the eye candy is first to shine, is the finish smooth, no chips at edges, no paint defects, fully engineered, all needed materials in the kit, and what is their build quality. The 801 appears to be top of the line.

The first thing opening the box is just how they get the much airplane in that little space. When Jo Ellen brought the box in to the house she called and asked if had bought a lead sled, well no, it is just their packaging. The box is lined in particle board, the wing and stab are in a seperate box and the fuse is secured via it's towhook so not to allow it to crush the rudder. The ballast is in a spot it cannot leave unless the Fed Ex aircraft crashes, and the parts bags are not in any contact with any other airframe componet. The first time I saw their packing was a friend's 705, and they have continued with the 801. How many of us have gotten a ship damaged from the distributor and just sank to the floor thinking of what it was going to take to get the replacement parts to make it right, not with Tragi.

Inspecting the parts and their fit is just top shelf, it is just a spectacular airframe, and the weights are pretty impressive as well, here you are:

Fuse-11 ounces (antenna tube will be removed an should take out 1/2 ounce)
Center Panel-21.5 ounces
Right Tip-8.6 ounces
Left Tip-8.7 ounces
Stab-2 ounces
Wire Harness-2.7 ounces (via replacing the signal wires could loose an ounce)
Hardware-2.6 ounces

Total empty weight-57.1 ounces

The servos I am going to use are JR 377HV(wing) and JR 388HV(fuse) giving a servo load of 4.2 ounces and an AR7600 reciever, which weighs .3 ounce. The High Voltage capable servos will use a TP1800 2S LiPo battery (about 4.0 ounces) straight with no regulator, one more part gone from the ship. At this point we are in the 65 ounce range finished depending on what it takes to get balance. The span is 140 inches, the airfoil is the HX 29, area is 1143 square inches, and max ballast load is 25 ounces. Very nice numbers from what I can see.

Here are some pics, just general stuff but enjoy.
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