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Originally Posted by cna91 View Post
Sure is a great looking is on my wishlist. I receently bought one if the older H9 Taylorcraft, 85.5 piece wing. Not easy to transport, but a beauty in the air. It was already outfitted with the Zenoah, so I dont feel like going through the trouble of electrifying it.

So what would fill that big plane electric void better than the Toledo Special??? Well as far as I am concerned....nothing. Warbirds are cool, but with our group out here, they are a dime a dozen. Why the oak over the metal mount? Why the hi-tourque servo, ONLY on the rudder? How much flight time are you getting on the 5000 MaH batts? Any other lessons learned that you can pass on? I hate lots of modification though.
Let's see...

1st, I love that big TC.. I love my little TC and I really want the new big one. But I don't take my Monocoupe out much because it's hard to transport and the big TC would be the same deal. This Toledo is great because it fits in the bed in one piece. Plane, transmitter box, and bag of lipos and I can run to the field real quick after work for a couple flights. Love it.

Now the answers...

Oak motor mounts because that is what I can fabricate on my own. The cowl is pre-drilled so you have to move the motor into position for the spinner to line up. The stock metal mounts would have put the motor like 13mm too far back. So rather than add a bunch of washers I just made new mounts. They're pretty easy once you get a plan on how to run the drill press.

As for the servos.. I had three of the 3151s left over from my T7CHP that I bought in 2005.. never used them for anything. I also had a spare 645MG from an old rock crawler project. I figured the metal gears on the rudder would make sense in case I snagged the tail wheel on some tall grass or something. Just trying to make the best use of what I had laying around.

Flight time is somewhat unknown at this point. I've only had it up about 6 times so far due to poor weather. I have my timer set at 10 minutes and I'm putting around 2800mah back in my 5000mah pack. That's with fairly aggressive flying. Geez, I'd hate to speculate but I bet I could do 30 minutes of 40% throttle putting around. But honestly, 10-12 minutes is about as long as I want to fly. By that time I've done every maneuver I can think of and probably a dozen touch and goes so I'm ready to land and go back to the conversation with the guys in the pits.

This plane is an easy build, no mods are necessary if you're going to stick with the recommended gear. Although I do think you should make an air intake in the cowl, regardless of what Horizon says your electronics will do better with some airflow over them.

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