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I went ahead and took the tail boom apart, removing the belt, tail assembly, etc. First thing I noticed was a portion of the belt was chewed up, about 4-5 belt teeth in a row, on an ALIGN belt I might add. Have no idea how or when this happened, but I'm glad I checked on it, as the belt may have snapped in flight if I hadn't caught it beforehand. Gyro was in HH mode during testing.

There is NO physical damage to anything, the components are all new, this heli has only been hover tested a few times, it has never been crashed. Tail shaft is NOT bent, I took the tail shaft out, performed the roll test, put it in a drill, etc. to make sure it was true, it passed all tests with flying colors. A bent tail shaft will usually cause a lot of vibration and just looking at the spinning tail blades it is evident when a tail shaft is bent, even if it's a slight bend. I've deal with bent tail shafts in 450s a few times, I know a bent tail shaft when I see one.

Another issue I did not like was that the stock HK-250GT tail boom seems a bit short, I have 2 Align T-Rex 250 booms on-hand so the stock tail boom is headed for the trash. The Microheli tail is going back and I'm swapping it for an Align all-metal T-Rex 250 SE tail with the metal control arm, it's actually about $10 cheaper and is probably higher quality. Something was out of whack on that Microheli tail, I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but I'm not going to waste 3-5 hours figuring it out. It's going back for a refund. Once I have all the replacement parts by next week, I'll throw a new belt on and drop the all-metal Align SE tail assembly/grips on there and hopefully it'll be ready to go. Everything was set up on this heli exactly as per the T-Rex 250 manual, I found the build to be relatively easy, nothing that I wasn't familiar with from previous builds.
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